Free Site and Blogs Hosting
Simple Blu

What? Free hosting?!?!

This is the domain I am using to offer free hosting for friends, family, and acquaintances.

If you want your own domain name, like, it’s $10 a year and you need to get me the money before I can set it up for you. I can host .com, .net, and .us extensions. If you are cool with a subdomain, like, it’s free! You can choose subdomains from the following:

If you want me to just set up a WordPress blog for you, I can do that. You will have complete control over the content and design of your blog; much more so than what WordPress offers you for their free versions (or Blogger or Blogspot or LiveJournal or…well, you get the idea.) And since this is a much more limited system, you can have a much more unique name and odds are it won’t be taken. Like

I can also install the following:
phpBB Forums
Photo Gallery
Google Apps

I can also just give you hosting for a domain or subdomain with a username to upload and let you have free space.

If you’re interested, contact me!

~Ruthie Kelly

  • Any limits?

    Bandwidth and Storage Limit
    If your portion of the site exceeds my bandwidth/storage limit, I will ask you to pay whatever fees my account incurs. My limit is pretty large, and it expands monthly so this shouldn't be a problem unless your site suddenly becomes insanely popular and your images are several GB (which they shouldn't be). I can only envision this being a problem for photo-blogs, and it still shouldn't be unless you start getting a couple thousand hits a day.